Concept & UI Design of Yima
Lazy loading & module resolving
Load resources of each view or module on demand
Routing and dynamic menu generation
Enables you to add something very interesting and neat and nice
Layout and Partial Views
Asp.Net MVC
Extendable HTML Helpers
Easy to use and extendable HTML helpers for all bootstrap elements
Asp.Net Identity Membership
Authentication With Identiy with available Database included
Layout Pages
Ready to use T4 templates
Yima's specified markup will be generated with included T4 templates
More than 30 pages
Different pages designed for different scenarios
12 different skins
Colorful skins available and Creating new ones is so easy.
RTL Support
With complete support of right to left languages like Arabic, Persian and Hebrew.
UX centered design
Crafted with an eye for user experience methodologies and trends
What's included in the download package?
HTML/JQuery Version
HTML/JQuery Seed Project
AngularJs Seed Project
Asp.Net MVC Project
Asp.Net MVC Seed Project
Landing Page Project
Start Page Project
8 complete and different projects!
And we are already working on the new versions.
Yima's timeline: What's here and what will be added in future
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