Date & Time Inputs

Date Picker

Time Picker

Date Range Picker

Dropdown & Tags Input

Single Jquery Select2 With Search

Multiple Jquery Select2

Bootstrap Tags Input

AutoSize TextArea

A small, stand-alone script to automatically adjust textarea height.


Vertical Spinboxs
Horizontal Spinbox

Color Picker

Input Modes


Valid positions include bottom left, bottom right, top left , and top right.

Opacity can be assigned by including the data-opacity attribute or by setting the opacity option to true.

This field has a default value assigned to it, so it will never be empty.

This field will always be uppercase.

Jquery Knob

Default Knob
Display Previous Value
Angle Offset
Angle Offset and Arc


Simple Slider

Set type to double and specify range, also showing grid and adding prefix "$"

Using step 250

Month Slider

Prettify visual look of numbers

Decorating numbers

Dropzone File Uploader


Simple text field
Empty text field, required
Select, local array, custom display
Select, remote array, no buttons
Select, error while loading
Combodate (date)
Textarea, buttons below. Submit by ctrl+enter
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Basic Usage

Using input [type=range]
Toggle Backing Field visibility
Readonly and preset value

Javascript Interaction